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Night after June 17th. Kramatorsk was bombed again.

Well… I don’t know how to start each post. Every morning bring us new horrible things. Yesterday two Russian journalists were killed in Lugansk by Ukrainian bomb. They were filming how refugees leave Ukraine to Russia which give shelter. They were on a block station under Lugansk and suddenly were hit by bomb… Continue reading

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Odessa’s fire, May 2nd. House of Trade Unions

You can’t find the thruth about that day in most of newspapers and web sites. I just opened Wikipedia and found nonsense article, lie lie lie…

Odessa is an old harbor city, famous by it’s jewish community and huge trade turnover.  It is russian-speaking city, place of humor, fun and love. Odessa always was strategic important city for USSR and now for Ukraine – it stands on the Black Sea’s shore. Continue reading

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What is Ukraine?

What is Ukraine? This is one of the countries that was created when Soviet Union was destroyed.

I was 6 years old when it had happened. But I still remember some flashes from that time.

Ukraine has a long history closely connected to fascism and nazi.  Our country is divided in two parts – Western and South-Eastern. People from the West believe that they are “true Ukrainians” who natively speak Ukrainian, believe in “true Ukrainian heroes” and hate Russia, and South-Eastern people are “subhuman”, according to  the same Western Ukrainians, because we here natively talk Russian and have the same history with Russia. Continue reading

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