Night after June 17th. Kramatorsk was bombed again.

Well… I don’t know how to start each post. Every morning bring us new horrible things. Yesterday two Russian journalists were killed in Lugansk by Ukrainian bomb. They were filming how refugees leave Ukraine to Russia which give shelter. They were on a block station under Lugansk and suddenly were hit by bomb…

Tonight Ukrainian army bombed Kramatorsk that is in Donetsk region, next to Slaviansk. This is a big city with few important enterprises. It was bombed tonight by Ukrainian army. Troops bombed civil people – sleeping quarters, downtown, center of the city…

All of blind newspapers and websites never tell about it, or if they tell so they want to assure that Ukrainian army was bombing so called “terrorists” – national defenders. But there are no block stations in the cities – all the block stations are strengthened out of cities – in the highways, in the woods.

So ukrainian army was bombing civil people, executing new genocide plan of Ukrainian president and new government.

I just opened my laptop and saw fresh video from this morning – Kramatorsk after night bombing… Dead people on the street. A lady who was carrying purchases to her house was killed by bomb remains almost on the porch – her body is destroyed completely, tore apart – legs, arms, peaces of flesh on the road. Than a young man was killed in few meters from her, across the street. His legs are torn, holes in his chest… Just a regular guy who was walking down the street. And this is just what one person saw when he walked out his home. There are more and more….

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