What is Ukraine?

What is Ukraine? This is one of the countries that was created when Soviet Union was destroyed.

I was 6 years old when it had happened. But I still remember some flashes from that time.

Ukraine has a long history closely connected to fascism and nazi.  Our country is divided in two parts – Western and South-Eastern. People from the West believe that they are “true Ukrainians” who natively speak Ukrainian, believe in “true Ukrainian heroes” and hate Russia, and South-Eastern people are “subhuman”, according to  the same Western Ukrainians, because we here natively talk Russian and have the same history with Russia.

Here are some pictures from that time




Why it happened like that? It is simple.

It was the great Russian Empire which included the territory of modern Russia plus some territories which belong now to another countries. South-East of Ukraine was part of so called Malorussia – the land of Russian Empire as well. Few regions from modern middle and western Ukraine was part of Russian Empire as well.

In the middle of 20th Century, when Soviet Union was on it’s way to establishing, February 15th 1920 Donetsk region was “gifted” to Ukraine by Stalin, though this region never was Ukrainian. It was hard decision, which wasn’t what people of Donetsk were waiting. Then in year 1954 Crimea was “gifted” to Ukraine by Nikita Krusciov.

Many years had passed but people didn’t change their mentality here. We were, we are and we’ll be Russians. There is a very small percent of Ukrainian-speaking people and main part of them came here from western parts of the country. We cherish our history, amazing acts of bravery of our granddads during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Our ancestries were fighting against Nazis and fascism in the Red Army of USSR, they gave their lives to kick off Nazis from our land!

But Western Ukraine is different, it has another history. Their heroes are Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich who were Nazis as well, who helped fascists to kill civil people, USSR soldiers. They did horrible things under motos “Heil Ukraine! Heil heroes!”.

I give here the most censored pictures I could find. You can’t watch the rest without some sedatives… These are killed by so called “banderas” kids and “beautiful Ukrainian girls” greeting nazis…




All 23 years of independence of Ukraine our country was strongly divided in two parts. It wasn’t much noticeable  but deep in their minds people knew: we don’t belong together! How could veterans who were fighting against Nazis meet veterans from Nazis troop SS «Galizien» on May 9th (Memorial Day) and stay calm? How could veterans from SS «Galizien» look in eyes of people who’s father they killed back in days on the battlefield?

And when so called “Maidan” did it’s first breathe in November 2013 this dividing line showed itself. Ukrainian radicals from “Right Sector” or “Svoboda” political party straightened their shoulders and proclaimed themselves as “liberators of Ukraine from Russian aggression”.

Wait a minute – who’s aggression? Wasn’t it Russia who gave us cheap gas? Wasn’t it Russia who was being our coal and metal? Wasn’t it Russia who accepted thousands of worker emigrants?..

Ukraine’s inferiority complex is a huge power that gives live to such monsters as Nazis.


That is why are we so different from each other.


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