Odessa’s fire, May 2nd. House of Trade Unions

You can’t find the thruth about that day in most of newspapers and web sites. I just opened Wikipedia and found nonsense article, lie lie lie…

Odessa is an old harbor city, famous by it’s jewish community and huge trade turnover.  It is russian-speaking city, place of humor, fun and love. Odessa always was strategic important city for USSR and now for Ukraine – it stands on the Black Sea’s shore.

How Ukrainian nationalists act? They came to Odessa, sponsored by one of Ukrainian oligarchs, prepared themselves to the act of terrorism and went out. It was May 2nd, which is one of the holidays in Ukraine. A lot of people were on the square “Kiulikovo pole”. As far as i know – there were exhibition and a fest. Also there were some so called “pro-russian” activists.

Radikals acted as they usually do – armed with Molotov cocktails, fittings, bats they started to chase people on the square. A lot of people, frightened by mad nazis hid in the House of Trade Unions. It were just strangers, usual passers by there, who was scared also and they ran together with Anti-maidan activists to that building.

Nazis started to throw Molotov cocktails to the building, exits were blocked.

Young Ukrainian girls were preparing those cocktails…



There are were guns and Nazis shot to the people who tried to left the building. Building that was already in fire.

We can only judge what hah happened here. We but not Ukrainian government. It is ok for them. They claimed those burnt people as betrayers and then Ukraine told that those people burnt themselves.


After that coroners found out that a lot of those people had gun shots and some were poisoned. Total amount of dead people is still unknown but officially it were almost 40 people.

Time flies, but government still denies that genocide action in Odessa. They prefer not to tell anything.

You can find a lot of articles about that day. Some say that there were only Russian citizens hired by Russia. Another will tell you that “peaceful Maidan activists” couldn’t do that, they never do anything like that. But the truth is one – Ukraine kills russia-speaking people, it frightens them, it started genocide and they get away with it!






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